About Us

We are a Specialist independent Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda & Seat service MOT and Performance Centre based conveniently just off Junction 9 on the M5.

Led by Dave Peters here at V-hub Service Ltd, we specialize in full dealer level servicing and diagnostics which we are officially recognized by Volkswagen UK as being a fully accredited independent Specialist Service and Maintenance Centre. We’re registered with Volkswagen Group as an Independent Repair Centre and are fully able to update your online Digital Service Record We access your vehicle’s online Digital Service Record via our manufacturer registered Dealer Portals, allowing us to log all servicing works carried out on your vehicle to keep your service history up to date.

You will receive a printed hard copy of your service receipt/invoice when you collect your vehicle.

All Volkswagen Group manufactured vehicles built from around 2012 onwards now have their entire service history stored electronically, in a secure online database. Any Vehicles registered before then still have the conventional paper service booklet which will be stamped by us when we carry out servicing work on your vehicle.